Traditional building solutions for traditional building problems

Lime rendering & plastering isn’t just the correct way to solve many problems related to traditional solid wall constructions. It opens up a whole world of creative options for colour, texture and atmosphere.

Read on and discover how traditional breathable plasters, using natural materials can transform a room into a living, breathing room.

Why Choose A Traditional Plastering Solution?

There are many reason why our clients have chosen to come to us. For some it’s just the look and feel of the natural products. Others might be looking to solve a problem like damp.

Traditional, breathable plasters are most often used in older buildings with solid wall construction.

There are many builders that offer solutions to the problems associated with solid wall construction. A lot of the solutions offered can end up being a short term fix. Sadly, many of our clients have already wasted time and money before coming to us.

Understanding the nature of the problem and applying the correct preparation and solution are key to a lasting job.

Lime Plastering

Tadlekt Plastering

Venetian Plastering

Polished Plaster

Lime Rendering

Modern Plastering Too

Need Help Or Advice? Ask Anthony.

Plastering is the finishing process of a wider set of processes. As with all aspects of building. Each job effects the next.

The preparation leading up to the  final stage of plastering is essential to a good and lasting finish.

Getting the right advice is essential and I recommend that we start with a quick phone call to discuss your needs or problem. The next step will almost always require that I look at the proposed work.

The solution required will depend on the problem, if there is one and the construction type of your property.

Often a brief discussion and a look at the proposed project is all I will need to advise you and provide a free estimate.

In some cases a deeper inspection might be needed. In this case, I will of course discuss why it is needed.

I will be happy to provide an inspection, with a brief report and proposal of works. This service carries an agreed fixed cost (usually around £50).

Call 07434 979 592 or use our contact form to arrange a call back.