How Much Will Your Plastering Job Cost?

Use the guide below to see roughly how much your plastering job will cost.

You can expect a good job at a fair price from Hastings Plastering Services. Feel free to use the guide below to get a rough idea how much your plastering job will cost and information about some the different plastering options.

Please note! The information below is just to give you an idea of costs. If you require a fixed quote or estimate, please contact us to arrange a visit or telephone consultation. All prices include materials.

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Need a whole room plastered?

  • Small rooms from £250
  • Medium rooms from £450
  • Large rooms from £800

Plastering prices for skimming are generally in the region of £12 to £15 per sqm but can vary depending on a number of factors. These include:

  • Preparation: The amount of preparation that needs to be done prior to plastering. This may include the removal of loose plaster and wall paper, repair of deep holes, fixing of skim beads, applying primers (PVA/SBR) to the walls. Structural damage repaired. We undertake all preperation work
  • Access:  The plasterer will need space to mix plaster, store materials and clean tools. Uhhindered access to all walls to be plastered. If a ceiling is being plastered, the room must be cleared of all furniture. Good access to water is also essential.
  • Obstacles: Doors, windows, plug sockets and features can increase the amount of preparation needed. Obstacles will also have a small impact on the amount of plaster that the plasterer can get on, in one hit.
  • Amount of work to be carried out: Larger jobs are more efficient. Get it all done at once!

Need plaster-boarding and a skim?

  • Small rooms from £280
  • Medium rooms from £475
  • Large rooms from £750

Plasterboard and plastering costs generally vary from £20 – £30 per sqm but can vary quite a bit if the room is not well prepared.

Other things to consider are the type of board to be fitted and insulation needs. There are different types of plaster boards for different situations. These include boards to block sound, to resist moisture, to retard fire and of course standard plaster-board. In some cases, you will need a particular type of board to meet the required building regulations.

Down-lighters in the ceiling can hamper the plaster-boarding too. Electrician will often map the lighting and then cut the holes after the plastering is finished. This helps to achieve a nice clean finish around each light.

See the skimming tab to the left of this page for more information about the things that affect plaster-boarding and skimming costs.

Solid render walls for that traditional touch

  • Small rooms from £700
  • Medium rooms from £850
  • Large rooms from £1000

In older buildings that do not have cavity walls, it is a good idea to use lime render as a base coat. This is to protect against damp penetrating through the walls. Unfortunately, this method tends to be the most expensive one but it comes with the benefit of strength and longevity.

No matter how small the room is, rendering and plastering will nearly always be a process that is carried out over, at least, three separate days.

The cost per meter for rendering and plastering can vary a great deal depending on the amount of preparation, render thickness and all of the things that are also associated with skimming.

The cost of rendering and plastering a whole room is in most cases upward of £20 per sqm. Time scales can be reduced but we do not advise taking short cuts with this type of work.

If you need more accurate costs for your rendering and / or waterproof rendering, please email us or give us a call and we will happy to take a look at your 

Solid like render & plaster but quicker to use

  • Small rooms from £550
  • Medium rooms from £725
  • Large rooms from £900

If you have cavity walls and no signs of damp, you may be able to use bonding plaster or hard wall. This gives you the benefit of solid walls but for less.

A reasonable guide to average costs is around £18 – £25 per sqm. As with skimming, there are various factors that will have some degree of impact on the overall price.

The main benefits of bonding and hardwall are the drying times and the thickness that it can be applied to. This means that it can be done in considerably less time that it takes to render a room.

An alternative to wet plastering

  • Small rooms from £450
  • Medium rooms from 600
  • Large rooms from £950

If you have cavity walls and no sign of damp, we might be able to spot stick plasterboard to your solid walls. This carries a similar cost to plaster-boarding. As well as being lower cost than wet plastering this technique creates far less wet mess.

Prices can vary a bit in much the same way and for much the same reasons as stated for plaster-boarding.

The disadvantage is that it is not as strong as any of the wet plastering techniques.

No Job Too Small

If you just want a ceiling, a wall or one or two ceilings / walls plastered, we will be happy to give you a quick estimate over the telephone. If you are happy with the estimate, we will arrange to visit and confirm the price.

We are unable to give you a cost per meter for smaller jobs. The reason for this is because the plasterer still needs to set up, prepare the room, plaster and clear up. For that reason, we will need to discuss your job and agree a fixed price.

Lime plastering, using traditional 3 coat lime costs around £50pm2 for jobs  over 40m2.

Fixing lathes is £20pm2

Most lime plasterwork will be indiviually priced.

For day rates and guide prices for all other services, please contact us.